rainbow chevron quilts



Two things:

1) It's about time I showed you the girls' quilts.

2)It's my birthday today!  Hooray for birthdays and getting special treatment for the day.  :)


I don't think I ever told you how the rainbow obsession began with my twins.  It was the "rainbow colors" page on StarFall.com.  Yep.  StarFall is the reason they began telling everyone that their favorite color was "rainbow colors."  And they indeed told everyone.

Thus all things rainbow.  Thankfully, since the party has come and gone and rainbow colors now line their bed, the rainbow frenzy has simmered down.  Phew.

Back in April a (quilting) friend came in town and I was somehow convinced that I could pull off making two quilts before the girls birthdays.  Thankfully, before my friend left again, she showed me the magic behind making a chevron pattern.  (Pretty much lots of squares--in my case lots of colors too--sewn together to make lots of triangles, and those triangles sewn together.  Simple, right?)


I had a simple design in mind for the girls' quilts: rainbow chevron on the golden third, lots of white (to give the eye a break from color), and a thick border of color.



Annabelle's quilt has dark purple in her rainbow chevron and a matching border.  The quilt lining is lavender polka dot with a matching pillowcase.


The purples match Annabelle's gentle personality.


On the converse, red is quite fitting for my confident Ainsleigh.


Rowan would agree.  She's the dare-devil with him.


And yellow polka for the quilt's lining and matching pillow case.

(If you're wondering, the hand painted pillows were birthday gifts from the big girls to their sisters.)


And lavender in Ainseigh's rainbow chevron.



These quilts were a lot of work, both frustrating and joyous at times.  Since I naturally don't think like a quilter, there were plenty of moments staring at the quilt and trying to figure out the next step.  By and by they were completed.

Wrapping both quilts and presenting them to the newest big girls for their big beds is now a special memory.  So was the first night tucking them in at night.   Even now I love covering them up with so much of my love sewn into each quilt.

the sleepy time gal