Q & A: repurposing stained clothing

Dear Sleepy Time Gal, I have a few shirts that have little grease stains on the front. I was going to give them away but thought, I wonder if there's anything I can use them for or make with them. One is stretchy knit, one knit but not too stretchy, and one is like linen. Do you have any ideas on how to re-use or re-purpose these shirts?



This is a predicament I find myself in frequently with myself and four young girls.  Here's one idea for you to try, that of adding trim.

This favorite dress has ink pad stains, right in the front!


I decided that I needed something wide sewn close to the bodice to make it look like it was part of the dress.  Applique wouldn't work because the stain was just too low on the dress.  (I wonder if I can train my kids to stain things in just the right spot to make repurposing easier later??)

Wide lace was the answer.


Some pinning was required, just to the front of the dress.  Then sewn in place.


It worked perfectly.  It adds variety and texture to the dress now.

IMG_9755 IMG_9858

Hopefully the adding trim technique works for some of your shirts.  Even adding a ribbon bow (sewn in place) can really add to your shirts, if it is in the right visual place, like close to the bottom or close to the top of the shirt.

I have a pile of "to be repurposed" items I'll share with you as I go.  Good luck, Laura!