projects revisited: the ribbed knit skirt

IMG_1067 Just when I finished packing up everyone's winter clothes, we had a few days in the 30s again.  I'm still thinking optimistically of spring, though.  Remembering this knit skirt brings back the memory of days Caroline spent running and climbing trees in it last summer.

IMG_1132 IMG_1083

This skirt sews up easily.  And no hem!  One of the beauties of ribbed knit.  See the full tutorial here.

If summer skirts are on your mind, see other skirt ideas and tutorials (including this one) on the Hideous, Dreadful, and Stinky blog.

As for me, I have approximately 9 hours until my knight in shining armor drives 6+ hours to swoop me up and take me away for the evening.  I promised him I'd drive to give him a break.  My dreams of dancing the evening away might have to wait for another wedding with this pulled back muscle.  All of the blame goes to the red couch--yes, the library's old red couch.  It has a new home.  Upstairs.  (Thus, the pulled muscle.)  I'm excited to share that next week as well.

Unti then, wish me luck wearing heels tonight.