projects revisited: the clutch

IMG_4187 Well, welcome back, Friday's Projects Revisited!  It has been a while since you've been featured on the blog.  I'm kicking it off again with one of my favorite projects.  A simple go-to gift that whips up easily and also, a practical piece: a clutch.


The idea came from Amy Karol's Bend-the-Rules-Sewing: The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sewing book.  The concept of the clutch is simple:

  1. Sew one bag (essentially sewing up two sides of a piece of fabric)
  2. Sew another bag (same size) with flannel for the facing
  3. Sew one last  bag (same size) for the lining
  4. Line the bags: lining, then flannel, then outer bag and sew
  5. Add a ribbon loop for closure before stitching closed the opening at the top
  6. Topstitch top
  7. Sew a fabulous button on the front


For a children's clutch, Caroline decorated patterned white fabric with fabric markers.  I chose a fun, contrasting lining, ribbon, and button.  It is an adorable little clutch!  She uses it to keep crayons and a note pad in it for outings.


This would be a perfect summer sewing project for you if you're new to sewing or experienced.  I'd still like to make one for myself someday.


Happy Weekend!

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