projects revisited: taggie blankie

IMG_6895 I have fond memories of my twins, Ainsleigh and Annabelle, with this taggie blanket.  It was the perfect diaper bag toy.  It didn't squeak during church or require much space for travel.

IMG_6894 IMG_6887

This particular taggie blankie was so special because much of the ribbon I had saved from their baby shower before they were born.  (Read the story--I was just crying reading it again. Don't worry, you probably won't cry.)


The concept is easy for any level sewer.  It is like sewing a pillow but with folded ribbon sandwiched in between the two fabric layers.  Sew and flip right side out.  Use a decorative stitch around the outside edges to finish.


I love making these for babies.  It is a perfect project for using specialty fabric scraps as well.

Just think, we're more than half way through February!  Happy weekend!