projects revisited: simple sherbet


Happy weekend to you all.  I'm so happy to have Bobby home for the weekend.  It would be a perfect (hot!) weekend to make some of this simple orange sherbet that my children love.  We made a rule some summers ago that we'd only have ice cream if we made it ourselves.  We mostly stick to it with the exception of the occasional local ice cream shop, Massey's, and, of yes, the 50 count box of Drumsticks Bobby sneaked in the house.   Having those around definitely haunted me.


Homemade sherbet takes only a few ingredients.  Check out the original post here and whip some up with the kiddos.

Now for the great photos I promised.  Mr. Oikawa and a friend just delivered your boxes to some kindergarten classes around Ishinomaki and Shiogama area.  His friend, Carl, helped to translate a letters and make a big thank you poster.  Can some of you find your names on the poster?

message to Tohoku kinder kids

Mr. Oikawa said the children were so happy.  And he sent his thanks for all of the packages that have come his way to Sendai.

He also has a request.

The non-profit organization he runs is really tight with their budget tight now.  They need to conserve their money to go towards gas to deliver goods and boxes to local towns.  It is really hot in Tohoku as well and the Be I Project has been looking for some shade, something like this, to their project.  If you see one at a yard sale or somewhere you could donate to Mr. Oikawa's efforts, he would be most grateful.  I am sure shipping would be expensive, so possibly a church or another organization could help pay for the shipping.  Let me know in my Contact Me section if you can help.

message to Tohoku kinder kids3

Happy weekend!


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