projects revisited: paint on clothing


One way to embellish something special that you've sewn (or purchased) is by painting onto the article of clothing.  Just a little detail to add another color or focal point does so much.

My little blue owls started out as matryoshka dolls which took a wrong turn.  I corrected them and turned them into little owls. I free handed them, but you could definitely use a cut-out stencil you've created.

I use both fabric paint and acrylic paint, all depending on what colors I have on hand.

Once you've painted your design on the fabric, let it dry completely.  Then place a lightweight piece of cotton over the painted area, and iron with a dry iron.  That will help set the paint so you can wash the article of clothing.

(If you're interested in what I did for the gingham pants, I simply used heat and bond web on a fabric apple I cut out and ironed on to adhere.)

Give it a whirl sometime.  It adds just the right touch.

Keep warm this weekend!  We'll be happily welcoming back Bobby to our neck of the woods.  Sigh...