projects revisited: nature by color

{Three more of your boxes arrived in Ishinomaki, Japan.  See here.}


Happy Friday to you!  It is hard for me to believe that we're actually in June.  We've actually had a few breezier, cooler days, thank goodness.  This would be a perfect little activity to do during some pleasant weather.  All you need is an egg carton, some nature-inspired paint colors, and the outdoors.


See how to do the "Discover Nature by Color" activity here from my archives. It is like a scavenger hunt for children to fill each colored "cup" with something that matches it in nature.  Enjoy.


As for the weekend, I've signed myself up for a race I'm not quite sure I'm ready for.  I'm just hoping for a milder climate sort of day.  Happy weekend to you all!


the sleepy time gal