projects revisited: monogrammed pillows (sort of)

IMG_7176 monogram: a graphic symbol consisting of 2 or more letters combined (usually your initials).

So these are kinda monogrammed pillows, in a sense.  I love that it looks like Bobby and I are looking at each other from across the couch.  Especially knowing that I used the image from our engagement photo--of us staring at each other-- to trace our silhouettes.


I just made some white pillows (without filling),


ironed Heat n Bond to the fabric, then cut out the silhouette. (I did it the hard way, just looking at the photo and then looking back at my fabric to cut.  You could enlarge the image you want and then accurately trace and cut the fabric.)


Then you remove the paper backing and iron your adhesive fabric where you want it on the pillow.  Fill the pillow and sew closed.


It is quite the experience sitting right next to your own face.  I'd love to make four little girl pillows.  They'd need to find their own couch; they just might crowd out me and the hubby.