projects revisited: monogrammed pillow

IMG_0472 When my nephew was born, I made him a little pillow to match the bold colors of his little room.  How happy I was to see it in person on our NC trip recently, in his bright yellow room.

The concept is simple.   A free-formed sewn pillow (long and skinny, I prefer) with the addition of hand painted initials.  It is like the paint on fabric idea I've shared in the past, but painting letters.  You could definitely use a stencil or simply trace the letters on the fabric with pencil and fill in with paint.

After I painted and let the letters dry, I heat-set them with an iron. IMG_0480

It is a little something special for a nursery or child's bedroom.  A great way to use a special piece of fabric as well.


Happy weekend to you all.  Monday will be the introduction to an awesome, week long giveaway!

the sleepy time gal