projects revisited: kitchen towels

IMG_1120 One of my favorite bridal shower and house warming gifts to give are homemade kitchen towels.  Each set of towels I make are different from the most recent set made, taking the bride's or wife's personality and style into account.


I buy white, large kitchen towels and use them as my canvas to create upon.    I love using stamps (using craft paint) to spell cooking and kitchen-type words.  A little trim, ric-rac, and contrasting thread for the seam and they are a simple handmade gift.




My latest favorite includes towels with really wide fabric panels sewn on and then adorned.  The towel above had rows of vertical ribbon knots also sewn on.  I love deciding how to decorate each towel as I go; the process is so fun.  I like to bundle a set of towels and include a kitchen soap to go with it.

As long as you have good quality kitchen towels on hand (I buy mine from Costco), you're always ready for making a creative, thoughtful gift.

Happy weekend!