projects revisited: a room for creating

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Right before the twins were born, we moved into a temporary new place.  I was itching to fill the space set aside for creating and sewing, but alas, the twins came 2 months early, and so the sun-lit room had to wait.


All of my daydreaming about the space that took place while nursing and rocking Annabelle and Ainsleigh finally were put into action.  The shallow shelves held sewing supplies, art supplies, and children's supplies, height appropriate, of course.

(See many more photos of the wall of shelves and their contents from our room here.)



Although I have my designated sewing space now, I really miss the natural light.  I still dream of a light filled room to create in.  And the girl's art room has been lonely and cold (literally) this winter.  I'm in the process of bringing much of its contents upstairs for the newly remodeled "library" on the main level.

Where do you create?