projects revisited: a bumper pad pocket

IMG_5373 If your child has never experienced a pocket in their crib bumper pad, they are in for a treat.   When I added pockets to most of the bumper pads last year (we had three kids in cribs!), it was a perfect addition to the longer days of summer and their, oft times, difficult nights for wee ones to fall asleep.


You can customize the bumper pad pocket to have as many pockets as you'd like.  One for boards books, another for larger books, and another for a doll, if you'd like.


I loved it last summer!  Whether you were a late night sleeper or early morning riser, you'd have a book and quiet toy to enjoy before Mama got to you.


Click here to see the full crib bumper pad pocket tutorial.  It is another Sleepy Time Gal eye-it-as-you-go tutorial.  Isn't that the only way to get most projects done??


Have a great weekend!