projects revisited: a bedtime map


As I sat yesterday morning staring at an X written on a post-it note for 10 minutes (for my vestibular rehab), I got to thinking about the stimulation around me that hurts my eyes and head these days with my vertigo and migraine symptoms.  No matter what was passing around me, I had to keep staring at the X.  There I was, tied down to that X by a timer, desperate to return home and to life.

My weeks are beginning to feel a bit out of control (with this very literal stimulation) with all of these appointments during the day.  I'm away from my kids, arranging help, and playing catch up with the normal day-to-day tasks of life.

I guess these are the seasons of life that you wait and wait, seeking answers, relief, and dreaming of the slow days back again.  Seeing these photos of this bedtime map that we featured last fall brought back great memories of a time that was simpler than now.
Do you remember the Bedtime Map?  It was designed for The Sleepy Time Gal blog by Made by Bedtime Tales and we have loved it so much.  It is a map you follow, step by step, to help prepare your child for sleepy time.



Check out the original post here to download the map for yourself free.  I think you'll love it!


This morning I'm with my children visiting an alpaca farm and back to the physical therapist this afternoon.  "This is just a season".  "This is just a season"...


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