projects revisited: a beach tote


August = the beach and two little girls' birthdays

In one week I'm sure I'll be running around, but with a smile, getting a family of six ready for a week at the beach.  I made two beach totes for last summer's trip for Caroline and Johanna.  They have since been used for overnight stays with grandparents and for long car rides, stuffed with books and such.

IMG_9547 IMG_9510

The drawstring tote has side straps that are shoulder straps for little arms to wear.  See the original post for the beach-bag-to-go here.  Another simple project for those of you new to sewing.


As summer comes to a close, what is one last thing you are determined to do before fall?

My answer?  Campout in the backyard.


Okay, maybe Bobby camps out with the older girls while the twins and I sleep inside.  We'll stick around for s'mores and stories and flashlights, just head in when it comes to sleep.

That sounds better.


Happy first weekend of August!  May all of your August dreams come true.


the sleepy time gal