monogrammed stacking blocks

This week Christina and Lynn joined me for this name board project. Try it. 1. Go to Lowes, find a 2 x 4 and have them cut it for you, in 3 varying lengths of your choice for you to display. (You can make 3-4 sets with one standard length 2 x 4 and it was only $3. 19!)

2. Lightly sand. Paint two coats of your choice of color. Find the perfect font for the text, print the exact size for the boards.

3. Take the printed text, flip over and trace (outline)the back of the text with a pencil. (I put the paper against a window and trace with the light coming through.)

4. Take the text, right side facing you, and position on your board and tape in place. Then take the pencil and rub over the text. It will leave an imprint on the board. (Ellie, you taught me this!)

5. Find a small paintbrush to suit your font difficulty and paint!

6. You can rough up the edges to antique when finished, and embellish as you please.