print art kids

IMG_5405 I recently received a package in the mail.  Something both Caroline and I have been anticipating: a notepad from Print Art Kids.


If you couldn't tell by the wide-eyed face and detailed dress, that is Caroline's artwork printed onto a notepad!  It is the coolest thing.

IMG_5530 IMG_5545

Caroline uses the notepad to write letters with even more pictures on it to send to grandparents and friends.  What special stationary.  I've been using the notepad for Christmas lists and any other list I can make just to use it.

The best part is that this wonderful, creative company is now a sponsor on the Sleepy Time Gal!


Along with our new family notepad, we've been enjoying some of the other products from Print Art Kids.  As you can see above, you can turn your child's original artwork  into beautiful, useful things for your home, like different sized notepads, notecards and Christmas cards.  (That little cute notepad with the little lion is one of my favorite sizes.  Perfect to keep in your purse to jot down on.)


And I love this holiday card with matching return address label.


Another favorite is their postcard (with artwork or photo on front) and space for a printed message on back if you choose.  I've always wanted a stack of postcards with a family photograph of some sort.  And the cute illustrated family portrait above is an actual Christmas card!  Don't you love it?


Here is a "happy birthday" sticker label you can use throughout the year.  Or if your child does a Christmas scene, you could make Christmas gift labels for the upcoming holiday!


I'm impressed with the quality of our photo of Caroline's artwork that I submitted and the quality of the notepad itself.  If you're looking for a special, personalized Christmas gift to family, I'd suggest the notepad.  You can also make notebooks and photo-covered notebooks.

I love the whole concept of celebrating your child's artwork (or special photo) on the items of your life.  I'm all about practical, useful items which is one of the reasons I love our new "Caroline" notepad.  I'm looking for chances to use it daily.

Thanks and welcome aboard Print Art Kids! IMG_5521