pretty hand towels + basket


Good morning!

Here' s a little project I think you'll enjoy.  Something to spruce up a boring bathroom.  That is definitely what it did for ours!  With potty chairs and the kids' stool at the sink and toys found here and there, I elevated our main floor bathroom from all-kids to something a little nicer.  We'll start with the pretty hand towels...

I love the color of the towels!

Pretty Hand Towels


  • colorful hand towels
  • cotton fabric (5 inch by 17 inch strip)
I picked my hand towels up at Target.  These are neither the cheapest towels nor the expensive ones, but the medium grade towels.  They worked perfectly and will wash well.

Iron 1/2 inch to an inch of all four sides as seen above.  Lay it on the hand towel, right side up, to make sure it lines up the way you want it.

Pin the fabric into place.  Stitch fabric strip into place on your machine.

That is it!

Make a stack of coordinating hand towels for your bathroom.  I used Amy Buter's Soul Blossom Joy Disco Flower Chocolate and her Soul Blossoms Passion Temple Tulip Cinnamon fabric.

Now you get to fill a basket you have around the house!

 For our bathroom on the main floor with a pedestal sink, storage is an issue.  We needed a place for extra toilet paper rolls, magazines, extra hand towels, and such.  A nice low basket I already had was perfect.  I keep the toilet paper rolls behind the magazines (as they are unseen), then a stack of magazines, then a stack of pretty hand towels.

(Never thought I'd take a photo of my bathroom floor!)

The basket slides right into the narrow space around the base of the sink.  Everything is in one place.

The hand towels, wrapped up with twine, would be a perfect bridal gift. There are so many options with mixing hand towel colors and coordinating fabric.  And they sew up fast.  (What else would you expect from a mother of 4??)  I whipped these up yesterday morning before breakfast.  Enjoy!

the sleepy time gal