presents from his sisters...


Yesterday it rained all day.  It was a nice, slow day indoors with a few kids with sniffles.  I love those days.  We stayed in our PJs until mid-morning, I sat and watched the girls dance to medieval music over and over again (this is their favorite), and we took each moment a bit at a time.  Pineapple smoothies for lunch, laundry was finally folded, books read, and no-bake cookies made and all eaten in the afternoon.

And we did this before dinner-- they picked and chose fabrics, I cut, they painted, and we ironed together...

I hope this little boy is alright with other colors besides blue and other themes besides transportation and monster trucks because he is entering our family.

Everything goes around here.

(If you're wondering, we used [amazon_link id="B000YQGR3E" target="_blank" ]these fabric paints[/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id="B000XAMYXI" target="_blank" ]this no-sew iron on adhesive[/amazon_link].  Both a blast to use with kids.)

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