preparing for the cold: cold weather cream

COLD WEATHER I'm very curious what temperature it is in your neck of the woods.  It is in the teens this early morning here in PA.  I'm trying to make a mental list of who still needs warm winter hats and gloves and how I'll make due before we head out in the cold this morning.


We have arrived at that time of year when my knuckles get so dry and cracked and my twins begin complaining about their dry legs at night that I know it's winter recipe time.

I shared this recipe last year but it is so incredible I had to share it again.

If you don't have all of the ingredients make it with what you have.  Yesterday we made this winter's batch of cream with a friend and I used a blend of citrus essential oils instead of straight lemon oil since I was out.

It feels like a dream going on your skin and immediately turns from a solid state of cold cream into a smooth spreadable lotion once the warmth of your hands warms the coconut oil. IMG_3895


(The Purification blend can be found here.  It is an excellent all around blend.)


My label maker designed this year's tin. Thanks Caroline!



And now everyone is lathering up daily.  Read my original post about how awesome this cream works on eczema and chapped baby cheeks as well.  Powerful stuff.



Keep warm and hydrated out there, friends.  This is only the beginning. :)


 the sleepy time gal