IMG_3135 Tomorrow's the day.


Yes, I've thrown many a showers and gatherings in my home but tomorrow is different.  It's the last bridal shower for anyone on my side of the family.  The last sibling is to be married and these are special times.

Thus, the month-long house overhaul (which I am now so glad to have used tomorrow as a deadline).   Scuff marks and jelly stain no longer bring character to the walls of this house but crisp white paint.  And the unmentionable dinnertime stains all on the dining room carpet (who puts carpet in dining rooms??) has been very aggressively washed out.  The feelings that I never want us to eat in that room again will fade, I'm hoping. ;)


IMG_3141 Many things are in order for our new and improved "tidied house"--at least on this main level--that now only holds a 1/3 of the "stuff" it used to.  And many things are to be completed today and tomorrow.

Paintings to hang.

More paper flowers to make.

A special family recipe to make.

The art room.  Always the art room.

And on and on actually.  (This is always the scary/exciting part of celebration preparation: the ever encroaching deadline.)


With my carefully prepared to-do list for this Friday I have some exciting tasks for each of the girls so they can be involved in the preparations. (My two oldest will be at the shower which is pretty exciting for them!)

The girls get to help weed, clean off fingerprints from the front and back doors (truly something I never think to do!), help wrap our party favors, make a lime water ice ring, and get cobwebs.


These are fun times for sure.  Nothing is better than family and family celebrations are best!


Have an awesome weekend friends.

the sleepy time gal