Good morning on this overcast October Friday.

The beginning of fall colds are taking their (thankfully gentle) toll on our family this morning.  And although Rowan was sung too many times yesterday by his sisters, tomorrow morning is the birthday gathering his sisters (and mother) are most excited about.

Now with out-of-state company not able to make it (so sad), we'll have a small little gathering of Rowan's sisters, parents, and a few grandparents.  No games or hype, just cake and some special details and presents coming from the people that adore him.

You like our party hats?  They're made from that sturdy high gloss paper (I mentioned it in the mailer invitations post).  I made up a partial circle template, the girls glued polka dot gift wrap over it, we stapled, added ribbon, holes on the sides to thread ribbon to go around the neck, and random blue yard (from this) to the top.  There are just enough hats for all the kids.  We'll see if the birthday boy can keep it on for one photo.


I might be most excited about Caroline's gift to Rowan.  She made him a batch of fresh apple cookies (no bake) that are out of this world.  It is the simplest recipe using grated apple, lots of oats, and a few other ingredients--they are absolutely incredible.  Rowan is getting his own two tins and we got to finish the rest.  (Recipe to come--definitely a new fall apple tradition!)

I'm really hoping to get a little bit of sewing time today for my little boy before tomorrow.  A small round carrot cake is on the list to do today along with finishing up our weekly chart of projects/exploring/making/visiting that we aim to keep up with each week based on our current interests and family needs.

I'm not quite sure if the whole solar system will be made today, dear Johanna.  We have checked off quite a lot from our chart this week, if that's any consolation. :)

Happy weekend to you all.

the sleepy time gal