pregnancy massage oil

I'm so happy knowing that so many of you readers are also expecting a baby right now.  I wish I could make this special oil and ship it to all of you to indulge in.  Instead, let me share a most wonderful mother-to-be oil that you can simply make just for your beautiful self.  You could also make a double batch to give to mothers-to-be in your life as a shower gift or save to recipe for when you are expecting.

First, I must introduce you to what I consider our "Oil Bible."  It is called the [amazon_link id="098426583X" target="_blank" ]Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils[/amazon_link] and as a mother, I refer to it usually multiple times a week.

It is a small reference guide to anything and everything that might be ailing you, your children, both physically, emotionally, and everywhere in between.  It suggests oils to use aromatically, topically, internally, and suggests possible blends that offer better results.  It is quite thorough.  Under "H" on one random page,  it includes recipes for hormonal systems, hot flashes, housecleaning, hyperactivity, hypertension, hypoglycemia, and hysteria.  Very thorough.

If you are looking for a home companion to guide you in the path of essential oils in your home, this book will outline everything you need in a pinch.

My Ainsleigh and Annabelle helped me make this massage oil recipe and loved being about to drop the oils in, one by one.  It came together in just a few minutes.  I'm happy to share this recipe from the [amazon_link id="098426583X" target="_blank" ]Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils[/amazon_link] book.

Pregnancy Massage Oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops orange essential oil

2 drops marjoram essential oil

2 drops cedarwood essential oil

1 drop roman chamomile essential oil

4 oz. sweet almond oil


Blend oils together.  I omitted the cedarwood because I didn't have it.  Use as many oils from the list that you have on your shelf.

Store in a container.  This recipe filled two of these natural plastic bottles.  Use as a massage oil or in bathwater to encourage calming and reduce anxiety during pregnancy.  The oil also helps keep your changing skin supple around your stomach, hips, and breasts.

I use the pregnancy massage oil right after a shower, while I'm still a bit damp.  The aroma is light and very pleasant.

You can add a feminine scrap of fabric double knotted around the neck of the bottle.  If you're expecting and make this wonderful massage oil, you might also be interested in the homemade lavender powder for the upcoming baby.  The recipe makes quite a bit of incredible powder you can store and use throughout your baby's early months.

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