poetry month

IMG_3905 April is Poetry Month.  We've been creating poems over lunch about Spring, peanuts (Johanna's favorite topic), the color red, etc.  Caroline's poems always turn into songs and Johanna's into laughs.


We've recently discovered Shel Silverstein's website which is fun and inspiring.  It is filled with Silverstein's illustrations turned into animation, which my girls love, too.

The site has the following:

  • poetry activities and games for kids
  • a list of all of his books with excepts read aloud (many times by Shel himself) and animation
  • a bio about Shel himself
  • lots of ideas for parents (and teachers) for encouraging poetry writing

After 10 minutes of Shel's site my girls were creating stories using creative, made-up names and plots for their stories, just like him.   I can tell that the wheels are turning in Caroline's head.  She is starting to get it, what poetry is. IMG_3917

What is your favorite poetry in your home?