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I just recently heard from a good college friend who has been living in Saipan with her family.  She was reaching out to friends to tell them about the devastation to the island from Typhoon Soudelor that hit this past Sunday.  The media has barely covered the devastation of Saipan but it is great, especially on such a poverty-stricten island.

There are so many families homeless right now or living in shelters with with no water and nothing clean to sleep on.


Please read my friend, Nadia's, message below:

Most of you probably know that our little island was pummeled by a typhoon a week ago that has left this place turned upside down. Our neighbors were tracking the storm as it blew through, and they recorded sustained winds of 130, with some gusts of up to 214mph. We were up during the middle of it and it was terrifying.
Several people survived the storm, houses intact, (us included) and sustained minimum damage. Others had their roof ripped off their houses and had to find shelter, others houses were completely destroyed. As the week has progressed it's been found that families have been stuck in their villages because the trees have blocked them in and/or trees fell on their vehicles. There are about 500 people living in shelters at the moment, and it's not clear how long they will be there. There are those who didn't make it to shelters and are living with neighbors and rebuilding their own houses.


 {Photos credited to Glen Hunter}


My friend is asking for any of the following items to be shipped to her for these victims to a have a place to rest their head, some cleanliness, and relief while aid is beginning to come to the island.  (Here's a video of a small group delivering their own water to victims across the island.)


Here's where Saipan is located:



Items greatly needed for families/children:

  • hygiene kits (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
  • blankets, sheets, tarps (to sleep on)
  • towels, washcloths
  • flip flops
  • underwear
  • flashlights + batteries (there's no electricity)
  • radio + batteries
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • formula
  • wipes
  • books, paper, crayons (for kids)
  • dried meats (jerky)



Here's how YOU can help in a simple but incredible way:

1) Package up any of the following items you have at home + ship to Nadia's home address in Saipan (*see below)

2) Share this post for Saipan on Facebook, your blog, in your church, or in your personal social networks

3) Organize a hygiene assembly kit get-together with friends to ship to Saipan

4) Organize a drive at your church for members to contribute items to be shipped in bulk to Saipan


Our family is putting a box together and are involving the teenagers in our congregation to assemble boxes of needed items this week for their youth group activity.  This is a great opportunity to involve others and create meaningful service in the process.

Just find things you already have on hand--no need to run to the store--and box them up!  We've done this before with your incredible generosity for the people of Japan--in shipping over 700 boxes from all around the world to help the children of Ishinomaki, Japan.


Let's give some peace of mind, relief, and a smile to the children and parents of Saipan.

*If you want to ship a package to Saipan, contact me personally in the "Contact Me" section above and I will send you Nadia's personal address.  She is volunteering at the shelters currently and will be distributing boxes. 


Thank you friends!  Let's live boldly today.


the sleepy time gal