playing with rocks


Good morning, friends.  I've felt a bit disconnected from this space lately with some personal health problems (hopefully vertigo, we're still not sure) and trying to find the right rhythm in our home.  It feels good to be back after the long weekend.  So, hello out there.

If you were a neighborhood friend, ours would probably be the last house on the block you'd want to come to to play.  We're the only ones without a swingset , one of the few without a trampoline, outdoor play house, lots of outdoor play things... need I say more?  I've stressed over this plenty, trying to figure out what I want for our kids.

I do love watching my girls make soup from sand (we do have a sandbox!), water, seeds pulled from our plants, grass, and stirred with a tree branch.  And I love seeing them have to be creative with what is out there--which isn't much--in the front and back yard.


Because they are very patient with the wishy washy ideas of their mother, I'm always looking for simple bits and pieces for creative play outside.  Our letter rocks were one of those attempts.

At the moment, they stay on our front porch planter's pot, waiting to be grabbed and arranged into words, used as magical stones in their creative play, and the likes.


 We began with our pile of random rocks (and a few shells in the mix) we've been collecting for months now.  Johanna is the rock collector.  Our walks, trips to the store, visiting friends and such always bring her to new rocks which then fill up our car and remind me that we are ready to get painting.


 We set up the dining room table with individual paper plates for painting, lots of craft paint, and rocks.  Everyone was involved.  The twins were given simple washable washcolors to reduce stainage.  They didn't care--they felt so big to be painting their own rocks as well.

IMG_8047 IMG_8055

My poor Ainsleigh holding her own hair back so she can paint and see at the same time.  I try keeping their hair back, really.

As rocks were painted and dried, I would add letters of the alphabet, including "ch", "sh", "ing", "st", "th", and so forth for building words.  Caroline even made her own "iPad" she uses quite regularly to remember tasks.



IMG_8142 IMG_8146 IMG_8144

The process for my girls (and me) was so fulfilling. For days we would paint rocks, especially as we found them throughout the house, and sit and paint them--inside and outside. It is nice when I sit on the front porch as they play to see them returning to the rocks, over and over again.  It is something new and exciting and brings newness to their play every time I see the rocks put together.


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