playing mommy: their new corner

{Thanks for all of the empathetic words yesterday concerning the sickness that swept our household.  I'm the last one to recover...typical.} IMG_0229

The strong, innate desire to mother is ever present in a home with four little girls.  Days are filled with role play (mommy/daddy, prince/princess, mother/grandmother, etc.), baby dolls dragged around by even the youngest ladies in the house, and finally, the set up of a special corner just for mothering.  (Maybe they've heard their mother go on about her own special corner... oops!)


We rearranged the playroom's market to create a new space: the babies' house.


The newest acquisition must remain hung over the rocking chair unless a mommy is using it to swaddle a baby. (By order of the oldest mommy, 5, who lays down the law in this downstairs house.)  The doll blanket was a gift from two friends, Lynn and Emily.  After giving my friends some quilt squares from Bobby's grandmother (many leftover squares from my girls' quilts Nanny made them), they surprised me with this beautiful doll quilt.  Now my older girls sit and find their quilt's fabric in the new doll blankie.

Thanks, dear friends--we love it.


A sunny day can be seen through the one "window" of their babies' house, created by Caroline.



And the girls' Christmas gifts now have a permanent home, the cradle and highchair.   I (Santa) made a matching doll blankie, pillow, and bib for Christmas morning to go along with their special gifts.  Caroline just the other day said, "Mommy, look, that fabric up there on your shelf is exactly like the fabric from Santa's blankie!" "Interesting" was all I could think to say. IMG_0235

Ahhh...this picture says it all.  Mothering is exhausting, Johanna.  You just keep rocking, playing the harmonica while your babies sleep, calming them with your little pat on their back...  Someday all of this play will be your reality and love.  Keep rocking, my baby, keep rocking.