Good morning!

I have to say that I'm really excited about all of the new visitors and readers to this blog.  I've heard from many of you lately and I'm happy that you enjoy this space.  I love your feedback and comments and feel like the world is a bit smaller when little conversations are made, sometimes halfway around the world.

Now that the floor can be seen in the basement "play room" next to my sewing counter, I'm ready to sew something this weekend.  That baby sewing list hasn't budged for a while. First on the list is a baby swaddler with this beautiful orange fabric and a light gray microfleece for the inside.  My quarterly trip to a bigger JoAnns in a neighboring town revealed these fabrics I definitely would not have found in my town.

And there have been some covered button projects going on around here again.  I'm looking ahead to Christmas with some of these covered button projects--this time, for boys/men as well.  I bet the wheels are spinning in your head...  I'm hoping to have lots of little niece and nephew gifts ready well before Christmas this year.

And what about you-- what creative things are occupying your mind?  Ideas for the coming holidays?  Entertaining?  Decorating?  Creating??

the sleepy time gal