planning the season

IMG_8291 I am grateful for the rhythm of our home.  We move with the rhythm of each child, each day.  That is such a blessing having my children by my side every day.

December has seemed like a magical month for us, knowing that we could do and plan anything our hearts could imagine to make the season meaningful.


We've begun planning a handful of festive parties and activities for this special month.  Some for us to share with friends and cousins, others planned to give to those in need in our community.  (By the way, I've been meaning to tell you about an awesome book and resource: The Busy Family's Guide to Volunteering: Doing Good Together.  More on that later.)

There definitely is magic in our days right now, in preparation of these carefully planned moments.


We made homemade invitations for a Christmas party, glitter and all, for something special we're planning.  Of course, with the rhythm of our home, these things are done while Ainsleigh and Annabelle nap.  Always a delicate balance to keep the rhythm of our home.


I'm excited to share with you another "crafted by hand" tutorial of a wonderful Christmas gift for you to try.  See it tomorrow!

Happy Monday to you, friends!