pinterest in our day



Last night, after the littlest girls were down for bed, I made a coconut banana bread (that I pinned the other day on Pinterest) with the big girls for breakfast this morning.  It was a wonderful loaf--coconut milk, shredded coconut, banana, almond extract--to enjoy with a grapefruit.  It is definitely a keeper of a recipe.

It is interesting how Pinterest pops up in our days.  Today we are finishing up a project I found on Pinterest months ago that I intended to make and give to the girls at Christmas and never finished.  Maybe it is better that way since they get to help me finish and make clothing and hair for the miniature Indians. I never would of had the idea without seeing something similar on Pinterest first.

What about you-- what does Pinterest look like in your home?  Do you pin for future inspiration or pin to make right away?  Do you pin everything you see that you love or just the most practical?  

I'm hoping to plan a Pinterest Party myself sometime during these cold months indoor.  Nothing special, just time for women to step out at night with materials in hand to make something they've pinned and time and space to do it.  I'm trying to decide what project I'd be most excited to make.

How does Pinterest influence you?  I'd love to hear.

Enjoy your weekend.

the sleepy time gal