Pieces in their Places

I've been so bummed lately to not be able to photograph daily life and the process of transforming a house into a home. Bobby saved the day by finding the camera's battery charger tonight and now I feel whole with the camera not more than a few feet away from my glance.

Home. Home. I've longed to take you on a tour of our home. So many lists of future projects which mostly involve fabric, canvases, and paint, make me smile all day, happily looking forward to the moments I can transform.

We have some exciting new acquisitions and some new purchases that require clean hands at all times.

I've got a room by room tour coming up, with some how-to projects that will get you running to your nearest IKEA to buy out their incredibly mod fabrics. That fabric there still has my head spinning.

But at midnight, the dishes are finally done, the mountain of trash from our entire move is piled up outside, and we're beat. Much is still needed to be unpacked and at least "faked" by Saturday for this house's debut: a baby shower for two friends. Nothing is more thrilling (and motivating) for me than an exciting deadline!