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sachi package4 Here is the dear postman that will be delivering all 430+ boxes to the kind Buddhist monk's residence.  When Sachiko, the school teacher there in Ishinomaki (and daughter to the monk), told the postman to expect many more boxes to be delivered, he simply smiled and said how happy it made him.

I so hope you're sharing this incredible experience with your children.  Your children who have been on this journey with you from the beginning.  They have seen photos of the devastation, desired to help, packed boxes with so much love and generosity, have anticipated their box arriving in a faraway land to little children just like them.  And now it is happening.  The magic continues in their eyes.  Boxes are arriving in a faraway land.  The socks, the teddy bears, the cards are being loved by a child right now.

My girls loved seeing this photo.  It made this whole experience so real for them.  Could it be their box he's delivering?  Could it be yours?

I'm thrilled to announce that there is a new location in the Sendai area that we will be able to start sending boxes.  Our contact, another one of Rie's friends, is thrilled to receive boxes to then deliver to both Iwanuma and Sendai port areas.  These were some of the hardest hit locations.  More on that (and the address) to come.

Japan's 9.0 Earthquake & Tsunami

{photo from here of Iwanuma}

Thank you, once again, for pulling together, as if we were all real neighbors.  I've recently had so many people from Singapore, Australia, the U.S., the UK, U.A.E., Brazil, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, and unaffected parts of Japan join in to send boxes to Ishinomaki.  The heart of humanity is incredible.  It is binding.  And absolutely beautiful.  Thank you.


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