I still can't get over how satisfying it is to create a doll for a child.  It is so much work and definitely a project I tend to put off until the last moment.  Caroline and Johanna have had their eyes on one special doll each from my Wee Wonderfuls book for months.  They've patiently watched and watched and been happy for the dolls we've made for special friends, like Mermaid and Owen.  They've patiently waited and waited.  A few weeks back when Bobby was out of town I opened up my "to sew" project list and there it was facing me again, "Caroline's doll and Johanna's doll".

I had put every other sewing project before theirs.  For months.  I was avoiding the long hours stitching facing and carefully stuffing limbs.  I had begun doing bits and pieces but couldn't quite commit.


As my girls were asleep and knowing I'd have the night to myself, I committed whole heartedly to finish Caroline's little Penny that night, no matter how late it would keep me up.  And I did.



(Stitching hair in place while creating a side part for Penny.  The hair was a blast to do.)

I stitched and stuffed with a new thrilling conviction burning in my heart.  As the hours went by I couldn't wait until the morning when my big almost 6 year old would finally see the doll she asked about almost daily.


I slept like a baby that night.  When morning came, Penny was wrapped in her matching quilt and introduced to my sweet Caroline.  As I watched her hold her doll that day and the days to follow, I saw such pleasure and fulfillment with her greatly anticipated new friend.  If I hadn't committed to making it when I did, when would I ever have made the time for it?



Penny sleeps in her own specially made bed at the foot of Caroline's bed.  Sometimes she eats in the dining room with us.  She comes to church with us from time to time, and the pool, and on walks.  She's protected from the twins and mended from time to time.  Penny has taught me a lot about my priorities.


The morning following Penny's arrival, I put aside my morning plans and spent the time sewing Rachel, Johanna's babydoll.  It thankfully was an easier felt babydoll with no limbs.  (Thank you Johanna for picking one of the easiest dolls in the book!)


And now Penny and Rachel know how good life is being under the care of Caroline and Johanna.  I am happy to say that it was one of the most satisfying things to check off my sewing list.  And I'm also happy to say that my children have taught me, once again, a thing or two about life and how I use my time.


Happy Monday to you!


the sleepy time gal