patty's day

I've started making barrettes for the girls for certain holidays.  It is something I can assemble throughout the day and the girls love waking up to something the following day.

I always cut as I go--I'm too impatient to trace a design.  If you want to use a fabric that frays, I like to use the No Sew Iron On Adhesive, then iron that fabric onto the base fabric, like the photo above.

I was surprised to find St. Patrick's ribbon with my ribbons last night--why I have it, I have no clue.  So I used it: tied a bow and hot glued that to both the shamrock and the alligator clip.  (I keep stock of alligator clips with my sewing things so I'll always be prepared to make something I need for my girls.)

Matching barrettes for four little girls satisfies the matchy-matchy fix I sometimes have, without overwhelming us all with too much matching.

(How many times did I just say "match"?)

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

the sleepy time gal