paper straw necklaces




With Egyptian books strewn across the table, Johanna sketched possible costumes and headdresses for us to wear to our summer Egyptian Celebration, Caroline sketched designs for her forth coming fashion magazine, and I snipped straws while my twins laced.

It was very pleasant at the table together, everyone working away at something they were totally caught up in.  And Annabelle and Ainsleigh loved having the skills to make their own paper straw necklaces for their birthday all by themselves.



Paper straw necklaces are perfect for 3-4 year old hands to make.


paper straw necklaces

You'll need:


paper straws


little hands to lace

I got the idea for making these necklaces on pinterest and knew the little girls would love a hands-on project to prepare for their party next week.  We'll all be wearing one with one extra made for a little girl coming to the party.  (Haven't quite thought of what we could make the two little boys coming with paper straw beads... Any ideas??)

I cut the yarn to about 18 inches for little girls' necks and 24 inches for an adult--my necklace.  Then I snipped our pack of paper straws to about 1/2 pieces for the "paper beads".

I tied a loose knot in one end of each of the cut yarn pieces and then they began lacing!

When they are done with each necklace, simply tie off the end with a double knot.  I liked the color contrast of the yarn and beads so left an inch of yarn on each side of the knot.

IMG_5506 IMG_5516

 Aren't they so modern??  I plan to wear mine more than just for their party.  We loved them.


P.S.  The felt rainbows are what we came up with for simple party favors.  Children can layer each color to create a rainbow.  My girls will definitely be using these during church as a quiet activity.  :)


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