painted jar pencil holder


Hello Friday.  This week has been an interesting one for our family, thus not showing up yesterday in this space for this particular little tutorial.  Let's see, a combination of a sliced finger on my part (my exceedingly sharp bread knife is the culprit) and Bobby spraining his ankle pretty badly have presented us with a week of the one-handed mother (and left at that!) and a non-walking father.

I'm happy to report that our bodies are healing, I'm learning to shower and brush my teeth well with my left hand, and Bobby's sprain has gotten better as well.  Thank goodness. I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with no one who could vacuum or do the hand washing around here.

On that note and the fact that my typing has gotten faster, leads me to this little project for the girls' bedroom desk: a painted jar pencil holder.

It is as simple as you can imagine: a painted-from-the-inside mason jar.  Do you remember these jars that sit above my kitchen counter?  It is the same concept.  Here goes:

painted jar pencil holder


1. Pour some craft paint into the bottom of a jar.

2. Slowly rotate the jar so the paint moves to cover the bottom, the sides and such, up to where you want the paint to stop.

3.  Add a second or third color inside the jar to the first to make things interesting.  You never know what the jar will turn out looking like with the mixture of colors!  We added yellow and a splash of green to Johanna's insistence of pink.

4.  Let the paint completely dry since a layer will develop at the bottom once you've finished rotating the paint around the inside of the jar.

This is fun for kids to do.  Although, my kids were excited for the first 10 seconds and then had moved on to something else.  I quite enjoyed rotating the paint and watching how the colored pattern changed.  It sure beat starting dinner.

5.  Embellish the jar!  If you want to add a bit of something more, cut some ribbon and hot glue it in the back of the jar.  There jar is a bit funky, wouldn't you agree?

Another great way to use up those glass jars and add something delightful in your home.  You could make one jar for pencils, another for markers, another for rulers, and on and on.  How colorful they would be lined up in different colors!

And in case you're wondering, yes, Johanna is eating one of our two carrots from our garden.  We were so proud of them--standing about 3 inches high-- and she let everyone in the house take a bite.

Now that you've seen the jar, I cant wait to show you the finished bedroom for Caroline and Johanna next week.  It was a definite exciting "check off the task list before baby comes" accomplishment for the mama.  So with that, happy weekend to you.

P.S.  Can I tell you that I still have knife-phobia these days??

the sleepy time gal