over half a million!


IMG_9815 It's freezing outside and beginning to lighten up a bit before the sun comes up over the tree line.  I'm waiting for Rowan's usual shouting of "Mommy!" right about now that signals he's just woken up and, simultaneously, wakes up the others.

I feel good.  I've made my way through this week by beginning some routines again in the early morning hours.  Not quite early enough or totally laid out but perfect for right now.  I'm sipping my first of Tazo's Passion herbal tea, dressed in my heart thermals at the computer, and listening to Spotify's Winter Acoustic's playlist playing softly.  This is a good morning.


Early yesterday morning while I was pumping myself up for the day (part of my morning routine of reviewing my goals), I decided to start an inspirational quotation board on Pinterest.  It's called Inspire Me if you're interested and is the beginning of a collection of quotations that inspire me in my journey to live boldly.

And speaking of Pinterest, I'm super thrilled to announce that The Sleepy Time Gal's very own projects, ideas, and recipes have been pinned in 2014 over half a million times!

It makes me so happy to know that people all around the world are being inspired and using my tutorials/projects to do something more, dig a little deeper, inspire their children, eat healthier, get organized, and simply create.

All I want from this space is to inspire.  It is the whole purpose of this blog.  Thank you for being the friend on the other side of this computer screen that makes the effort and work of keeping up a blog so worth it.

Happy weekend to you all.


much love,

the sleepy time gal