Good morning.

This weekend with Bobby in town, we celebrated my birthday as a family.  Dinner out, a few cakes to enjoy, and somehow the weekend is over.  We changed plans of going to the Greek Festival in order to work in the yard.  Mulch and planting and watering and mowing.  Kids played with neighbors, I got a farmer's tan, and there was a lot of scooter time for the girls while we worked.

It was absolutely perfect weather.


Some piecing was completed--


Some organizing finished--


And two jewelry boxes bought for a quarter a piece during yard sale-ing--


And planning out the beds--


If you're looking for something fresh and springy to chop up for lunch, I've got the perfect recipe to share tomorrow.  It is something I'm trying to keep ready and available in the fridge.  More on that tomorrow.

What about you, did you have an outdoor weekend??

the sleepy time gal