outdoor pillows

Good morning!
I had a little technical difficulty yesterday but now I'm back.  I'm happy to share this simple tutorial for outdoor pillows.  It is a basic pillow but can add so much life to a backyard, table with chairs, lounge chairs, or whatever you may have.  We were happy to pick up a table and a few chairs at a yard sale a few summers back.  They aren't the sturdiest, but they have made it into their second summer on our porch.
Since it is a field of brown when you look out onto our porch, I have been wanting to add a splash of color on the porch and outdoor pillows was the perfect solution.  Come see...

Outdoor Pillows

What you'll need:

outdoor canvas (It is in the canvas section at Jo Ann's labeled "outdoor")




If you know how to make a simple pillow, that is exactly what to do for an outdoor pillow.  If you need a little guidance, here goes.

As seen above, cut out two rectangle pieces the size of the pillow you want.  With right sides together, you are ready to begin sewing.

Sew three of the four sides of the pieces together, about 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Sew 3/4 of the fourth side together leaving a large enough opening for turning the pillow outside-in.

Turn outside-in and press.

You will have a nicely pressed opening now.  Stuff with your batting until the right thickness.

Now back to your machine, stitch the opening closed.

I made a variety of sizes of these outdoor pillow.  Aren't they pretty and simple?

Because they are made of outdoor canvas they are more rugged and sturdy but I still bring them in the house because they aren't water resistant.  I'm thinking if you want them resistant to rain you could coat them with spray.

We have enjoyed these pillows for a few outdoor dinners and relaxing outdoors.  Jo Ann's actually has some attractive varieties of outdoor canvas that could add to your backyard.  I hope you try them--they sew up fast and are quite thrilling once they are a part of your backyard.


the sleepy time gal