fall outdoor entertaining


Simplicity has become the theme in my life.   I think it has been by default, with each new child that has entered my life and the more responsibilities on my plate.

Buy yes, the simplicity is good for my soul.  It goes against what I would have wanted if I were younger and less realistic.  I now embrace what my daily reality is with four children in tow and all that comes with being a mother and wife.


When I had the opportunity to entertain family recently, simplicity was my only option.

No fancy table linens, or centerpieces, or mood lighting.  Thankfully, nature did that for us.




Beef pot pies for the main course.


Herb rolls and herb cheese.  Thank you bread machine dough setting.



Nature's beautiful flowers.  We picked a handful in a forgotten field.


And family.  It was that simple.

Can I just say it was a beautiful combination to enjoy while the sun set behind the trees.  Outdoor fall entertaining without the fuss.

I've learned to see beauty in the simple where I used to only see beauty in the unattainable.  Life (and four children) has taught me a lot.



the sleepy time gal