outdoor blanket

So I didn't get to post anything from my Giving Guide last week. You can blame it on the two baby heavy-weights; they are sucking the life out of me with their lack of sleeping schedule. But they are so cute and chubby, I won't hold it against them. Back to the Giving Guide, here's a fun gift for families with children, couples, newlyweds, college students, campfires, tailgating, etc. So I guess really anyone could use this that has a bottom to sit on.

I have one I keep in my car for trips to the park and such. They are indispensable.

So here's the easy version of the blanket, based on Amanda Soule's blanket.  Find a durable fabric (home decor, corduroy, or the likes) for the back piece, and then a coordinating piece of fabric for the top layer. If you want to skip measuring (which I did with this particular blanket), find 60 inch wide fabric pieces at the store and just cut them length-wise based on how long you want the blanket.

Once you have both pieces of fabric cut, simple sew straight lines down the width of the blanket, about 9 inches to 12 inches apart. Now sew the edges together, less then 1/2 inch from the edge.

Once the two pieces of fabric are sewn together, pull out the bias tape. It should take about 2-3 packs of this awesome stuff. Fit the sewn edge into the folded bias tape, and go to town: sew the four sides together inside the bias tape.

I like using the zig zag stitch.

For corners, cut the bias tape flush to the blanket. Then start the bias tape again on the new side with the raw edge tucked in for a clean look.

When you've completed the blanket, sew a seam down about 3 feet of the remaining bias tape, fold in half, and sew that mid section (an inch worth) to the binding on the blanket. This will let you wrap the bias tape around once and close by tying it with a bow. First decide how you want the blanket folded to know where to place the binding ribbon.

I love this outdoor blanket because it doesn't require batting. It rolls up beautifully, too, which is my favorite aspect of the blanket.