our new horses


Last night the house was still.  No entertaining, just clean up from the day.  I grabbed a few of the kids' blankets that were strewn over the floor and got comfortable on the couch to enjoy a book.  Something I haven't done for the past month.

It feels satisfying and needful to take a small break from the basement and its sewing counter.  (Although my cold bones have had a January sewing project on my mind, nightly...)


My time (most of my free time) sewing throughout the month of December was absolutely thrilling.  Every week I had new projects, new challenges, struggles with e-patterns, ripping things out and doing them my way, etc.  These horses were an interesting feat.  After doing a few online searches for stick horses, I realized I was much more interested in stuffing a sock than making a horse head out of fabric.  So thank you, Bobby, for the grey socks.

IMG_3180 IMG_3187

I found some wonderful inspiration at Light Blue Grey and ran with it.  Actually, I started to run and kept stumbling over the hair, the ears, the mouth, and so forth.  Late one night after staring at the tutorial's photo, I made the executive decision to pull out the hot glue gun.  Yes, that hair, those eyes, and those ears have been hot glued.


I kinda made it up as I went--like fabric covered buttons for Caroline's horse's eyes and fabric serged reins and metal rings for the harness.  (When it gets late enough and I'm sewing I start raiding my rooms, looking for anything I can use to finish my project and call it quits.)


These horses took a few nights and a lot of patience--hiding them up in my closet after I'd drag myself upstairs each night--to complete.  Wrapping them to put under the tree was even more interesting.  I watched carefully to make sure there was no touching by those girls.

IMG_3201 IMG_3202

And now, they're off!  Down the hallway, placed in the stalls of their stable (horse head placed in the chalk holder of the easel), and brushed.  My mom kept saying all along before Christmas, "Aren't you going to make four of them?" to which I'd roll my eyes.  Now we hear daily, "Mine! Mine!", thanks to the two horses among four want-to-be riders.


Thanks, mom, for the memories of my own homemade, plaid stick horse from my childhood.  Amy and I put many-a miles on those beloved horses.

Did you make something special this Christmas?  Share it with us!  Leave a link in the comment section to inspire us all.

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