our fall wreath


Last week on a stroll with the girls we saw everyone's fall wreaths hanging on their front door.  We came back home and tried to come up with what kind of wreath we could make.  Caroline wanted to glue fall leaves and pumpkins on our wreath.  Johanna had no comment (I'm used to that) and the twins, they don't really have a say right now.

So we tried coming up with something we could  hot glue to a straw wreath.  I had seen it done before and began raiding the cupboards.  We found one bag of dried lima beans.

IMG_9797 IMG_9680

My growing list of "project materials" was long enough for us to go out and finally pick up.  We picked up a straw wreath (after trying 4 local stores!) and other things.  (Clay for making pieces of eight like in colonial times and felted dryer balls to name a few of the randomness of our projects.


I began at 3pm on a rainy day.  I glued that first bean and saw immediately how long this project would take.  But now I was committed.

I started gluing when the girls were busy drawing.

I glued as the twins joined us after their naps.


I glued in between soup and roll making.

I glued while the girls watched our supposed-to-be family movie for movie night.  And finally, after many minor burns on my index fingers and thumbs, completed it.


This could very well be on the list of the most impressive project I've made for a while--not because it is truly impressive (lima beans glued onto straw) but because I dedicated one whole evening to its cause.


Now she hangs, with a pretty orange glittered ribbon.  Not too busy with a modern touch.  I'm so proud of her!


Did I tell you I made this while Bobby was out of town for a few days?  It helped with me being able to put all my time towards it.  When he returned home, I was waiting at the door, hinting for him to see it before I shouted for him to see how cool it was.

Classic Bobby response: "It's cool."  One minute later, "It looks like a snake."

I'll take that as a yes, he likes it.


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