our date


{Instagram shots from our night with Coldplay.  It was absolutely incredible.}

{Bobby introduced me to Coldplay when we were dating years ago.  Every one of their albums that has ever come out has memories attached to it of different phases of our life together.  Being there together was so special.  And even more special now that we are back to our day to day lives, each with our own responsibilities, but doing it together.}

{Caroline and Johanna dressed me before we left for DC.  To quote them, " You must look your best!"  I convinced Johanna I wasn't going to wear the skirt she was pushing, so instead wore the pile of jewelry they carefully chose.  Yellow beads and my comfy blue sneakers was the end result.}

{The band surprised everyone and actually moved to our corner of the arena for a few slow songs.  We were so close!}

Breakfast at La Madeleine across the street from our hotel.  Then we hit the road to return home--me to kids and Bobby to work appointments.  It was a bit hard returning back to life, I have to admit.  But oh, how memorable with my love.

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