Otherwise Known as "Project Day"

So I made an executive decision recently to turn Caroline and my weekly craft day (okay, so I don't like the word "craft" so "project" day) into invite-a-friend-to-join-us project day.
Here's today's project. You can do it yourself. Purchase heat bond adhesive from a "project" store and choose a design. The directions are simple.

It couldn't make me any happier to have a girl who's into dinosaurs.

Here's the back of the shirt.

This turtle tee is Jo Jo's. Bobby's most recent nickname (there's a new one every month) is "turtle without a shell." My mom thinks it is cruel, I think it is hilarious, and sometimes she does look like one.

Turtle without a shell, anyone?

And a little snail on the back. I think the snail needs an eye.

Christina and Ellie should be posting their day's projects soon.