Orange Sherbet

The first frozen pleasures of the year.

If you have an electric ice cream maker, this is a cinch.

Orange Sherbet

2 cups of freshly squeezed orange juice (If you have really good orange juice on hand, it works just as well.)

1/4 sugar

1 cup whole milk

Combine OJ and sugar till dissolved.  Pour in milk.  If both the OJ and milk were previously chilled in the fridge, then they're chilled enough to go into the frozen ice cream making canister.  Turn the switch on.  Let it churn for about 30 minutes.


Store in a 1 pint container and freeze a few more hours to solidify more.  We get a bit bag of styrofoam pint containers and lids at our local restaurant store--they're really cheap and make it look like we're a real ice cream shop, which the kids love.

Store them in the freezer for dessert (which we quite enjoyed last night) or as a healthy treat on a warm day.

Happy last weekend of March!

the sleepy time gal