only in PA

IMG_8167IMG_8136 I took the big girls to a party in Lancaster, PA on Saturday.  It was at a wonderful place called the Hands-on House full of activities, crafts, and the likes.  But there were a few things that could only happen at a Children's Museum in the middle of farm country...


Like trying your hand at milking a "cow",

IMG_8197 IMG_8196

or picking the corn and delivering it to the grocer, (that definitely needs to be an add-on to our downstairs market/restaurant!)


And of course, as the sign reads, "pretend you're a farmer who raises chickens" and collect eggs that roll down the shoot to deliver to refrigeration.  Talk about a cool party.


Caroline helped make her little friend something special. Check it out tomorrow along with my list of favorite children's gift ideas.  Once you start making children's gifts, you're not gonna want to go back to buying them.  So satisfying.

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