One Up on the Rooster

"Man will make time for whatever is important to him."

Me (Am I cool enough to have my own quotation?)

Time has become a fascinating subject to me. I spend hours of mental power daily trying to figure it out, how to have more of it, spent more efficiently. Although I can multitask feeding babies, playing "Mother May I" with the girls while putting together a grocery list, I haven't been totally satisfied. I literally run from one thing to the next up until 9pm or so, when everyone is asleep.

An incredible solution to my life came Thursday morning. After putting the twins down unsuccessfully, I sat on the edge of my bed, frazzled, pulled out my notebook, and wrote down the idea that kept coming.

"What if I were to stay up after the early morning feeding and have time for me?"

And so, from anywhere between 3:30am and 5am I've stayed up, nestled on the couch in the silent house to read scriptures, ponder, and actually write my thoughts, uninterrupted. I run in the still of the morning, have real conversation with Bobby about our hopes, and regain sight of my goals now and in the future.

The greatest part, Bobby's up with me. We start our mornings with the older girls fulfilled, renewed, and satisfied, well before making breakfast.

Peace again in my life. Peace in my morning.
Early mornings, historically, have always been the happiest periods of my life.

"More time to live" is the mantra these days: time to whip together a best friend's birthday cape...

Time to turn Caroline's Wizard of Oz obsession into something tangible...

And time for new things: babies, stroller, toddler and preschooler, slides, bees, nursing, bottling, and yes, keeping them all happy at the park. I had to take a photo to remember this day.