one on one time



I've been feeling the need to start it.  Especially when I'm approached throughout the week with requests to do this and that with this child or that child.

We call it one on one time.

Each week  a little time is set aside for each child (except Rowan--he gets one on one time quite frequently!) to choose what they'd like to do with mommy.  Sometimes the time is scheduled in to the week, other times it fits right in while other children are in a class or off doing something on their own.  Either way, it happens and is absolutely more fun than I thought it would be.


{Ok, so technically it is called one on one time, but this week Ainsleigh and Annabelle wanted to share their time with me to be with each other.}

It is so telling to watch the little personalities that live under this roof based on each activity they chose to do with me.  I get to know them, what they love, how they think and explore a little more in these quiet, sacred moments with just one.

 This week:

Caroline- wanted to bake something just with me.  Her sisters weren't even allowed anywhere near the island in the kitchen where we were.  We baked something new together, Caroline calling the shots. With just one at the counter I was able to go a little deeper about proper measurements, eyeing things, and so forth.  Baking is her love and having just me to do it with her made her so happy.

Johanna- wanted to make something.  So we made something Egyptian, of course, just the two of us.  Because Johanna is my quieter child, we crafted in mostly silence as she focused on her work and I on mine.  But we sat so closely to each other that we could feel each other's excitement in sharing the moments together.

Annabelle & Ainsleigh- wanted to play play dough!  How simple and sweet, we sat and made ducks and duck food for almost an hour.  Rolling and cutting and feeding their play dough ducks, our one on one time was absolutely satisfying and silly.



It is something new in our week.  It takes just a little extra planning on Sunday evening with the kids but makes an incredible difference with the relationships with my children and how they see their mother.  I think this is becoming my favorite time of the week.  Definitely some of my week's best spent time.

How do you make time for your children??  I'd love to hear.

the sleepy time gal