one on one


Last night I did one of my favorite things of the whole month: one on one planning meetings with my big girls.

I sit with each of them, one on one, and we talk.

We talk about ballet, art class, and piano lessons.  We talk about their friends in their classes.  We talk about what they are learning.  We talk about the upcoming holiday and our plans.  And projects and activites in store.  We talk about what they are looking forward to picking up at the library and what they are in the middle of reading.  We plan.  We set goals.  And we have the most wonderful time, one on one.

One on one is a rarity in our house and so when it happens it means the world to the child and the mama.   I love how excited Caroline gets to talk and talk and talk.  She is seven you know.  And Johanna who loves the mommy time alerts me if any intruders enter the room and need to be sent out until our "private" meeting is through.

The day after these meetings always gives me clarity for our month and clearer insight into my little growing daughters.  I see who they are becoming and what makes them more unique.

These are surely precious moments of motherhood.

the sleepy time gal